A Historical Day

(1797) ‘Last invasion of Britain’ begins

1797 Revolutionary French forces land at Carregwastad Head, near Fishguard, on the Welsh coast. This failed two-day campaign will be the last time to date that a foreign military force has set foot on British soil..

(1948) Coup brings Communist rule to Czechoslovakia

1948 With the might of the Soviets behind them, Czechoslovak socialists take power by coup d’état, ushering in what will be 40 years of dictatorship, and spurring the West to enact the Marshall Plan..

(1980) US hockey team pulls off ‘Miracle on Ice’

1980 A US Olympic hockey team made up of amateur and college players takes on the mighty juggernaut of the Soviet crew and, in a shockingly unexpected turn, wins their medal-round match 4-3..

(1997) First cloned animal is announced

1997 Scientists in Scotland reveal the existence of Dolly the sheep, the first animal successfully cloned from an adult somatic cell. Created from a mammary cell, she’s named after Dolly Parton..