A Historical Day

(1587) Mary, Queen of Scots is executed

1587 Once the ruler of Scotland, Mary Stuart was forcibly removed from power, lost a battle to regain it, and after being convicted of a plot to assassinate England’s Queen Elizabeth I, is beheaded at age 44..

(1904) The Russo-Japanese War begins

1904 Two powerful empires clash over plans for expansion into Korea and Manchuria, with Japan launching a surprise nighttime attack on the Russian fleet that eerily foreshadows the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor..

(1950) East Germany’s secret police, the Stasi, is founded

1950 The Ministry for State Security, known as the Stasi, begins a 40-year reign of spying on the citizens of East Germany, turning neighbor against neighbor, and friends and family into informants..

(1969) Best-studied meteorite in history falls over Mexico

1969 An extremely rare, car-sized carbonaceous chondrite meteorite, holding some of the universe’s oldest elements, streaks across the sky and breaks into thousands of pieces over Chihuahua, Mexico..