A Historical Day

(1812) Earthquake causes Mississippi River to flow backwards

1812 The last of four massive earthquakes that began the previous December strikes in what will be the state of Missouri with a force strong enough to spawn a fluvial tsunami, causing the mighty Mississippi River to run backwards for many hours..

(1935) Beloved board game Monopoly debuts

1935 Parker Brothers begins selling a board game centered on buying and selling property, with locale names based on the names of streets in Atlantic City, New Jersey. It will become one of history’s best-selling board games. .

(1964) British Invasion begins as Fab Four land in US

1964 British rock n’ rollers The Beatles land at New York’s Kennedy Airport, where fans welcome the quartet with a high-pitched hysteria that will become a hallmark of the ‘British Invasion.’.

(2009) Bushfires cause a Black Saturday in Australia

2009 An unrelenting heat wave, lightning, and arson contribute to a conflagration of bushfires near Melbourne, Australia, the worst in the continent’s recorded history. The fires will kill 173 and injure 414..