A Historical Day

(1819) Modern Singapore founded

1819 British statesman Sir Stamford Raffles founds the post of Singapore on the Malay Peninsula’s southern tip, securing British trading interests in the region. The small settlement will gain independence in 1965 and grow into one of the world’s major economic centers..

(1820) Freed slaves leave the US for Africa

1820 Sponsored by the American Colonization Society and the US Congress, a group of freed slaves sets sail for resettlement in Liberia, in West Africa. It’s the first of what will be many efforts to resettle American-born blacks in Africa. Some abolitionists claim the movement strengthens slavery..

(1937) John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice and Men’ published

1937 A poetically gritty story of two migrant farm workers struggling with social injustice and human frailty, ‘Of Mice and Men’ will catapult author John Steinbeck into the top ranks of American novelists. .

(1952) Britain’s George VI dies and Elizabeth becomes Queen

1952 King George VI dies in his sleep at the age of 56, and his 26-year-old daughter, Elizabeth, succeeds to the throne. She will become the United Kingdom’s longest-reigning head of state..