A Historical Day

(1606) English conspirator Guy Fawkes foils own execution

1606 Guy Fawkes, head of The Gunpowder Plot to blow up the English parliament in London’s Westminster Palace, leaps off a ladder to his death moments before his planned hanging.

(1945) US Army Private Eddie Slovik executed for desertion

1945 In the first execution of an American soldier for desertion since the Civil War, and the only one in the whole of WWII, Private Eddie Slovik of the 28th Infantry Division dies by firing squad.

(1949) First daytime network TV soap opera debuts

1949 ‘These Are My Children’ is broadcast live on Chicago’s NBC station. It’s the first in what becomes an institution of daytime drama serials that will begin dying out in the 21st century.

(1953) Catastrophic European flood kills thousands

1953 Roiling out of the North Sea, a storm bearing 100-mph winds and flooding rain devastates the Netherlands, destroying 50,000 buildings, leaving 300,000 homeless, and killing more than 1,500.