A Historical Day

(1785) Georgia founds first state university in US

1785 The University of Georgia is incorporated, and America’s first publicly funded institution of higher learning will be built on the banks of the Oconee River, in what is now the city of Athens.

(1837) Russian poet Pushkin mortally wounded in duel

1837 Having survived 29 previous duels, Alexander Pushkin is again defending his honor, this time against his wife’s suspected lover, when a shot pierces his spleen. The celebrated poet will die two days later at age 37.

(1888) National Geographic Society founded

1888 Having gathered together for the first time two weeks previously, 33 founders, mostly scientists, explorers, and wealthy travelers, incorporate the National Geographic Society to promote “geographical knowledge.” Their magazine will begin publishing nine months later.

(1944) Seige of Leningrad lifted

1944 A Soviet offensive pushes German troops from the southern border of Leningrad, breaking the devastating military blockade on the city 872 days after it had begun. Surviving residents of Leningrad have endured a stranglehold on their city that cost the lives of roughly 1 million of their neighbors and defenders.