A Historical Day

(1500) Spain’s Pinzón is first European to land in Brazil

1500 Captain of the ‘Nina’ during Columbus’ first New World voyage, Vicente Yáñez Pinzón’s current sail takes him to Brazil’s northeastern coast and a short exploration of the mouth of the Amazon River.

(1950) India becomes a republic

1950 After thousands of years of monarchy, centuries of British rule, and much religious and social strife leading up to it, India adopts a constitution and becomes the world’s most populous democracy.

(1988) ‘The Phantom of the Opera’ opens on Broadway

1988 Andrew Lloyd Webber’s hit West End musical transfers to Broadway. It will go on to be Broadway’s longest-running show and cited as the most financially successful event in entertainment history.

(1998) Clinton “did not have sexual relations” with Lewinsky

1998 Under fire from accusations he had an affair with a White House intern, President Bill Clinton issues a strong denial during a televised press conference. Just seven months later he will admit involvement.