A Historical Day

(1893) Hawaiian monarchy overthrown

1893 American sugar planter Sanford Dole and other anti-monarchists, mostly US citizens, overthrow Queen Lili’uokalani, creating a republic. Hawaii will become a US state five years later.

(1950) Great Brinks Robbery nets $2.7 million

1950 Eleven men make a record-breaking robbery at Boston’s Brinks Armored Car Depot. Their plan to wait six years before collecting the hidden money will be foiled days before the statue of limitations ends.

(1966) Military planes collide and drop nuclear bombs

1966 Four 70-kiloton nuclear bombs fall to earth and sea around the remote town of Palomares after a B-52 bomber and a Stratotanker refueling aircraft collide over Spain.

(1991) Operation Desert Storm begins

1991 Broadcast on live television, bombing missions over Iraq’s capital of Baghdad mark the start of combat operations in the Persian Gulf War, as US-led coalition forces fight to liberate Kuwait from Iraqi control.