A Historical Day

(1870) Hiram Revels is first African American US Senator
1870 After two days of heated debate on the floor of the US Senate, and with spectators packing the Senate galleries to see this groundbreaking event, a former Union Army chaplain, Mississippi’s Hiram Revels is sworn in as that state’s US senator. .
(1947) After 422 years, Prussia no longer exists
Effectively dissolved at the end of World War II, Prussia is officially liquidated. Once a world-shaking kingdom holding vast tracts of land, Prussia’s power had declined as European monarchy lost favor, revolutions roiled, and two world wars had seen nations dissolve and reform in dizzying chaos. . 1947
(1964) Clay TKO’s Liston for heavyweight boxing title
1964 22-year-old Cassius Clay sets the boxing world reeling as he defeats his fierce opponent, reigning champ Sonny Liston. Clay will also win their rematch a year later under his new name, Muhammad Ali. .
(1986) Corazon Aquino assumes presidency
A series of popular demonstrations culminates with Corazon Aquino becoming the Philippines’ first female president, as the island nation’s former dictatorial leader, Ferdinand Marcos, is helicoptered off a Manila rooftop and into exile.. 1986