A Historical Day

(1930) Pluto is first spotted

1930 Clyde Tombaugh, a 23-year-old astronomer at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, finds ‘Planet X’ with the help of a blink microscope. The immensely far-off object will be called Pluto, but will be stripped of its planetary status in 2006 and reclassified as merely a “dwarf planet.” .

(1943) White Rose resistance members arrested by Nazi Gestapo

1943 Six members of a non-violent student group from the University of Munich are arrested for their campaign of writing and distributing leaflets critical of Hitler’s regime. They will be found guilty of treason and beheaded. .

(1954) The first Church of Scientology opens

1954 Following the 1950 publication of his book ‘Dianetics,’ L. Ron Hubbard and his followers establish the Church of Scientology in Los Angeles, the first in what will become more than 5,000 Scientology churches worldwide..

(1978) The Ironman Triathlon holds its first competition

1978 Oahu, Hawaii, hosts a grueling triad of events, described on the competition’s rules sheet as “Swim 2.4 miles! Bike 112 miles! Run 26.2 miles! Brag for the rest of your life!” The race sees 15 men start and 12 finish. Navy specialist Gordon Haller wins the first Ironman title..