A Historical Day

(1898) USS Maine blows up in Havana harbor

1898 Over 260 US crewmembers are killed when their battleship, the USS Maine, explodes after anchoring in Havana Harbor, off the coast of Cuba. The suspicion that Spain mined the vessel will kindle support for the Spanish-American War. .

(1933) Franklin Roosevelt survives assassination attempt

1933 Speaking from the back of an open car near Miami, Florida, President-elect Roosevelt is missed by Giuseppe Zangara’s bullets, but they bring down five others, including Chicago’s mayor, Anton Cermak, who will die 19 days later. .

(1946) ENIAC unveiled as the first general-purpose computer

1946 The University of Pennsylvania formally dedicates their room-filling computer that the press has dubbed a ‘Giant Brain.’ The six main programmers, all women, have initially programmed ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer) to run computations on the feasibility of the hydrogen bomb..

(1989) Soviet forces leave Afghanistan

1989 After almost a decade of fierce fighting against the Mujahideen, the Soviet Union announces that the last of its troops has left Afghanistan. In the West, the war is deemed ‘the Soviet’s Vietnam.’.