A Historical Day

(1912) The Last Emperor of China abdicates his throne

1912 Ending a system of imperial rule that began in 221 BCE, Emperor Puyi of the Qing Dynasty, just six years old, steps down following the Xinhai Revolution. He will later be named emperor of the puppet state of Manchukuo by the Empire of Japan, but in 1949, Puyi will be jailed as a war criminal..

(1947) Christian Dior’s ‘New Look’ rocks the fashion world

1947 French fashion designer Christian Dior unveils a fresh take on post-war women’s attire, and his waist-nipping, hip-enhancing suits and dresses will bring feminine silhouettes back into vogue..

(1994) Munch’s ‘The Scream’ stolen from Norway museum

1994 Norway’s most valuable painting is brazenly snatched from the National Gallery after four thieves pull off a 50-second heist. Police will recover the painting three months later. .

(2002) Slobodan Milošević goes on trial for Bosnian genocide

2002 Former president of Yugoslavia, Slobodan Milošević, appears before a United Nations tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, after being arrested for war crimes committed during the ethnic conflict known as the Yugoslav Wars. He will die in jail before a verdict is reached. .