A Historical Day

(1763) The French and Indian War ends

1763 The North American theater of the Seven Years’ War comes to an end, with Britain gaining Quebec and Spanish Florida, while Spain acquires Louisiana. Economic losses stemming from the war will help spark world-altering revolutions in both Britain and France..

(1846) Mormons begin exodus from Illinois to the western US

1846 Fleeing religious persecution that included the assassination of their leader, Joseph Smith, 1,600 members of what will become the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their new leader, Brigham Young, head west, where they will eventually settle in the Great Salt Lake Valley. .

(1906) The HMS Dreadnought launches a new era in battleships

1906 King Edward VII christens a game-changing new class of naval warfare in the HMS Dreadnought, whose armaments, speed, and agility are leagues beyond ships that sailed into battle before..

(1972) David Bowie becomes Ziggy Stardust

1972 Rock and roll begins to freak out in a moon-age daydream the moment a slender, pale, androgynous, ginger-haired, and decidedly otherworldly presence steps onto the stage at London’s Toby Jug Pub..