A Historical Day

(1631) Religious pluralist Roger Williams lands in America

1631 Roger Williams arrives in Boston from England, and will become a proponent of the separation between church and state. He’ll also found the state of Rhode Island and America’s first Baptist church. .

(1909) Bakelite, the first synthetic plastic, is announced

1909 Leo Baekeland, a Belgian-born chemist working in New York, announces his invention of the world’s first manmade plastic material, naming it Bakelite. It will help launch the plastics revolution. .

(1919) A powerhouse Hollywood quartet forms United Artists

1919 Seeking artistic freedom and greater monetary rewards, director D.W. Griffith and actors Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, and Douglas Fairbanks form their own production studio, United Artists..

(1953) Britain’s sweets rationing comes to an end

1953 In place since the start of WWII, sweets rationing limited the amount of sugary goods the public could buy. The first day of unrationed sweets sees a run on toffee apples, nougat sticks, and licorice strips. .