A Historical Day

(1889) Famed femme outlaw Belle Starr killed in Oklahoma

1889 With two shotgun blasts to the back, ‘The Bandit Queen meets her end after a life of crime that included cattle rustling, thieving, and romantic entanglements with other outlaws..

(1953) Jacques Cousteau’s book ‘The Silent World’ is released

1953 Three years after launching his underwater research vessel The Calypso, the oceanographer publishes ‘The Silent World.’ A film version, co-directed by Cousteau and Louis Malle, will debut three years later and will win the Academy Award for best documentary, helping to make Cousteau world-famous..

(1959) Buddy Holly and three others die in Iowa plane crash

1959 Rock ‘n’ roll star Buddy Holly, 22, perishes along with fellow hit-makers Richie Valens, J.P. ‘Big Bopper’ Richardson, and their pilot, when their Beechcraft plane goes down in a storm shortly after takeoff. .

(1971) NYPD officer and corruption whistleblower Serpico shot

1971 Shot in the head during a Brooklyn drug bust, police officer Frank Serpico will survive and testify to widespread corruption in the New York Police Department. His shooting, suspected as having been set up by his fellow officers, will prompt an investigation of the department and inspire a popular film..